What brand of portable generator is the quietest?

In a portable generator, Honda machines with a full housing are very quiet and exceptionally reliable.

There are many camping generator models available and each model has its very own strong advantages (e.g. the price, the weight, the size, the low noise level, eco-friendliness, the ease of servicing, etc.). If you love camping like me and the noise level of your camping generator is important to you, then you might have also asked yourself at some point this question “What is actually the quietest generator?”

This overview gives you a good idea about noise levels when it comes to camping generators:


Recently, I came across an interesting article that provided a great overview of the different available choices. You might want to check it out. It seems that my favourite generator is the WEN 56200i model.


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Why? These are the reasons:

  1. It’s affordable ($500/£392) compared to the 3100 Watt generator priced at $650/£510).

  2. It provides 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts.

  3. It is safe to use if you want to recharge your laptop or cellphone. It won’t short out sensitive electronics. It produces ‘clean’ power with less than 3 % distortion.

  4. It is one of the few generators that you will find on the market that offers high altitude conversion kits for every person who wants to buy it at an affordable price.

  5. A lot of replacement parts are also offered.

  6. The noise level rating is 51 dba. This is quieter than a window air conditioner.

Is there any disadvantage? Yes, as everything in life …. It might be a bit difficult to add oil and the occasional units that start leaking gas. But there is also help for that. You can just buy a long neck funnel that makes adding the oil easier and less messy. If you want to check the oil level you would need to disassemble a side panel.

10 Best Portable Generators

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